Sorry About DAT

Omg guys, it’s been 3 months since my last post. I am so so sorry for being MIA all this time! Trust me, it’s been a crazy season for me. Let me explain:

1. I studied for, and wrote, the DAT

The title says it all. Nothing consumed more of my time than studying for this 4-hour test. I’m an all-or-nothing kind of person, so when it comes to studying, I spend every single second of my free time just studying and doing nothing else. Literally. There was also a lot of cramming to be done so unfortunately I had to put blog-writing on hold!

2. I got a seasonal position for a designer retail store

Don’t be fooled you guys; this isn’t as glamorous as it sounds! As my friend so graciously put it, when you sign up for a seasonal job, you’re essentially selling your soul to the devil. Think 40-50 hour weeks throughout the month of December with barely any breaks, and people yelling at you for 8-10 hours straight -_-‘ I got the call for the position the week before my DAT and it started about a week after I took the test, so it definitely saved me the trouble of going job-hunting! I’m so pooped now though.

3. Life and, of course, the Holidays

So on top of working crazy hours and having to travel almost an hour to and from work, I had to do everything else in-between: cleaning, errands, looking after my family, cooking meals, Christmas shopping, helping others with their Christmas shopping, preparing for Christmas…you get the idea. My “me-time” was practically non-existent. Very exhausting, indeed!

But the good news is, my contract as a seasonal is ending this week, so I have wayyyy more time to myself. Honestly, lately it seems like a day off = the most glorious day of the week. So right now I’m just going to try to reply to all the e-mails I brushed aside, cuddle up to a good book, catch up with friends, and just emerge from underneath my rock (oh, and not to mention blogging more often ;) can’t forget that one!)

Sooo enough with all the whining and complaining. Updates, updates, updates! Since I have to travel so far to and from work and my hours are all over the place, my parents agreed to let me get a car!! :D Here’s my baby:


It’s a 2003 Mazda Protégé. So far it’s been treating me well! Of course I’m responsible for paying it off, but let’s not think about expenses right now…let’s just say the holiday season has left my wallet a little bit dry :(

Also, after debating for months I finally decided to give in and buy a berry lipstick; specifically, the oh-so-famous ‘Rebel’ by MAC. I also bought the a deep plum lipliner for the times I want to vamp things up a little, called ‘Currant’. Now, originally I was planning on taking some photos of the two, but there’s some dust in my DSLR that’s making an appearance in my photos, so unfortunately it’ll have to wait. I’ll just post a photo of the look I wore for Christmas Day.

Image Image



Once I clean out my camera and I have more free time, I’m definitely planning on experimenting more with makeup again. I’ll keep you posted! 

And now, off to eat some food. I am RAVENOUS. Hope everyone’s 2014 is starting off on a wonderful note! 


XO Nat


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