My First Blog Post

Ah yes, the name says it all. To anyone out there who by some mishap has stumbled onto my blog, a very warm welcome to you! My name is Natalie and I am a young 20-something year old who has a fantastic obsession over all things girly.  After spending the last 4 years watching hours upon hours of YouTube videos and poring over who-knows-how-many blogs, I decided, “Well heck, why don’t I hop on the bandwagon too?” So grab yourself a tea or coffee, sit back, and enjoy my first post :)

Okay, so I’ll be completely honest with you. It actually took me a few days to write this first entry, because 1) I’ve been battling a fierce cold, and 2) I’ve been a total scaredy-cat and kept putting it off. So I’ll just give you a super short run-down of my week instead, that way I’m not a complete failure at this blogging business ;)

So my original intention was to film my very first YouTube video! I *finally – and I mean FINALLY* mustered up the courage to talk to absolutely no in particular but my camera, but sadly my loss of voice did me no good. At first I was totally determined to film – I was doing a review on 3 Rimmel products that I’ve purchased recently (a safe first video, no?). However, after 3 minutes of forcing my vocal chords to produce something audible, and having multiple voice cracks (“so this pr-HAW-duct I fi-HIND – oh, forget it -_-”), I decided that it was simply not in the stars today to film my first video. Ah well, there’s always this week…

Now as many of you know, September is the unofficial time when we all realize that summer is leaving us for the rest of the year, and that fall is upon us (and I don’t care that the first day of Autumn is in the third week of the month – as soon as Sept 1st hits, it’s fall. End of story.) Not only does that mean a change in fashion (good-bye summer dresses and shorts, hello big, over-sized sweaters!), but also a change in our beauty and make-up routines. Not one to miss out on the opportunity to try on new makeup looks, I decided to experiment a bit this past week and made up a look that’s rich in matte browns and greys, with soft but bold brows and an ombré-berry lip. I felt that the look went perfectly with my burgundy scarf and casual denim-on-denim outfit (true Canadian over here). Scroll down and let me know what you think!

(I wanted to take a photo of it altogether, but sadly I left my tripod at my dad’s house, so please excuse the rather painful angle that I took the picture of my outfit from!)

The look:

IMG_0874 IMG_0873
IMG_0875 IMG_0877

Here are the products that I used, starting with my undereye area:
DSC_1227    DSC_1230DSC_1221    DSC_1223

Products:  MAC Prep + Prime in ‘Radiant Rose’, MUFE Full Cover Waterproof Concealer in #5, both applied using my MAC 224 blending brush and MUFE 7N Concealer brush

For the eyes:

DSC_1214    DSC_1237
I primed my eyes using Mac Paint Pot in ‘Painterly’. The eyeshadow palette I used is some kind of tester that my mom got from L’ancome a long time ago (don’t hate me), but I’ve zoomed in below in case you have similar colours:

So warm and earthy!

I applied the shadows using some drugstore eyeshadow brush and my MAC 217 brush. Finished it off with smudged black pencil liner and mascara (using Rimmel Scandaleyes ‘Curve Alert’).

For the finishing touches, I contoured very very lightly using some brown shadow because SOMEBODY (*cough* my mom *cough*) stole my precious MAC bronzer while I was sleeping. I would’ve used that instead, with no blush or bronzer, for the sides of my cheekbones.


And the finishing touch! The lipstick of course. The colour is ‘Cherry Picking’ from Wet ‘n’ Wild. I also used the dark brown shadow from my eyeshadow tester above to apply it on the corners of the mouth, to give it that ombré look.

DSC_1261    DSC_1262

  DSC_1266    DSC_1272

And my outfit. Totally autumn and totally comfy. God, I love that scarf. Makes me want to snuggle with a blanket by a fireplace, drinkng spiced tea and indulging in some warm apple pie while I watch some sappy romantic comedy…ok you get the point, I just love this scarf.

And that’s it for my exciting week (if you can even call it that).  Oh, and I’ve been battling my cold with this wonderful oversized bambi mug.  I absolutely LOVE tall/over-sized cups – I am a tea fiend and a simple, regular-sized mug simply will not do, it’ll be gone in a matter of 5 minutes. So over-sized mugs it is ;)

Sipping some warm tea in-between shoots. Pure bliss.

So that’s it for my first blog post! Hopefully you liked it. I spend the majority of my time studying for the Dental Aptitude Test (DAT), so this is the only way I can keep sane (playing with makeup, taking photos, creeping hot celebrities…all that jazz ;)). Hopefully my post didn’t bore you to tears! If you guys want a tutorial on my above look or have any other suggestions/constructive criticism then by all means comment below :) Talk to you soon!

Nat <3

P.S. –  Please bear with me these first few posts as I try to figure out how to insert media, align everything, and take decent photos. It’s not the most eye-pleasing thing I know, but we’ve all gotta start somewhere!


6 thoughts on “My First Blog Post

  1. You’re beautiful! Good luck with your new blog. Blogging is a lot of work, but it can be fun too. :) If you really want to do YouTube videos – practice makes perfect. Talking to a camera is awkward, but it gets better the more you do it!

    • Thanks so much Sam! You’re totally right. It is a lot of work but it feels so liberating doing the makeup and taking the photos after a long day of studying. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it after a few posts :) And I’ll just have to be brave and face the camera again! haha

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